1.30.1 Patch Notes

What’s new in 1.30.1?

  • Dedicated Shop button – easy Shop access!
  • NieniaA new creature has appeared on Earth!
  • Chapter 23the journey continues.
  • Increased prestige loss for a survivor’s death – be careful, now you lose 50k!
  • Weapon balance changes – time for changes! Following weapons were buffed in regard to recoil (hit interval between consecutive shots):
  • Bug fixes and improvements – as always!

Translator Application

If you do not see your language in the list, it means your language currently doesn’t need more translators.

There is a video tutorial on how to get your teamID and apply to become a translator. You can watch it by clicking HERE.

You can apply to become a translator by filling the form below:

Notice: If you can’t find your language, CLICK HERE.

    1.27.0 Patch Notes

    What’s new in 1.27.0?

    • Remarks – survivors now comment on the building they are entering!
    • Laufernew creature from Sinsecta!
    • Chapter 21 – the story continues (no spoilers this time!)
    • TapResearch – new survey provider for better coverage
    • Bug fixes and improvements – as always!

    Also, Merry Christmas and happy playing!