On this page you can see the team behind the Website.


Discord Tag: 魔鬼#5448

Head of The Website

But that’s a task for another day, today I’ll kill Mato.

The man working in the shadows to serve the light.


Discord Tag: Fiufściak#3241

Administrator, Designer

Just slap some CSS classes together until it works.

The man behind Wiki and Design of the website. (Especially mobile version)


Discord Tag: MatoGamer#2909

Editor, Designer

Wait, that was supposed to be MY job?

The man behind the icons.

Flamme 5.0.6

Discord Tag: Flamme 5.0.6#2299

Editor, Helper

I am a chinese boy living in Germany.
I am the very definition of efficiency and hard work.

The guy who makes the quotes.


Discord Tag: Zydel#6687

Editor, Helper

I have no idea what im doing.

The Turkish Ctrl+c / ctrl+v guy which suffers from grammar.


Discord Tag: Fr0st#8093

Editor, Helper

I don’t know how I got there.

The man trying to help.