1.24.0 Patch Notes

What’s new in 1.24.0?

  • Hogrorrt – A new creature has arrived from Leiosa!
  • 3 new Story chapters – Time to continue your journey!
  • New Daily deals – Buy Weapons in the shop using SIM-cards or batteries!
  • Tablet Support – Various UI adjustments for bigger screens!
  • Stronger Creatures – Time to break your personal record!
  • Bug fixes and improvements – as always!

What do you mean by “stronger creatures” exactly?

We have an official statement from the devs:

Dear survivors!
We’ve changed the balance for some of the aliens in the game. It is related to us preparing to add 12 new aliens, and we have to make some space for them on every difficulty level. Thanks to your purchases (Monster Voting Bundle), we’ve gathered $280 to spend on adding and working on new creatures!

What’s changing is that most monsters will get stronger, ranging from barely noticeable to even a 20% increase. Basically, the tougher an alien was before, the more powerful it becomes now so that weaker creatures can be added in its place to make the gameplay much more interesting and diversified. Additionally, a balancing move was long overdue due to weapons having a buff for a few months now (better parameters and enhancements) that made them overpowered against unbuffed creatures, especially on higher levels.

Examples of difficulty changes:
– Turtiger +3%
– Nematode +9%
– Cotoje +14%

However, there are some exceptions, like a heavy and powerful Armadon getting a 47% difficulty increase. Sounds dangerous, but thanks to that, we’ll be able to add 7 new creatures appearing before you encounter your first Armadon! We hope the changes will be to your liking and again, HUGE thanks for helping us with the development of the game’s world!

1.22.0 Patch Notes

What’s new in 1.22.0?

  • Buildings with stories – check if Hoppers have settled in your house!
  • Highscore notifications – maybe you just killed the biggest Lapieto in the world?
  • Valuable weapons – you will get more sim cards for weapons with the diamond icon
  • Map contrast boost – enable it in the game settings to improve clouds visibility
  • Secret HP in the neighborhood – Now you need to reveal all the features to know the Survivor’s HP
  • Weapon patterns got a brighter color – More visible on all the creatures
  • Bug fixes and improvements – as always!

1.21.0 Patch Notes

What’s new in 1.21.0?

  • FIND GREAT WEAPONS – to get a fork, you can stay in your kitchen, but to get a good gun, you will need to visit a Police Station.
  • Change team name – many of you have asked for it, now you can change your name anytime.
  • Select your first survivor – who is more likely to survive? A waiter or a scientist? Choose!
  • Improved registration – will you play in your neighborhood or select a city from the list?
  • Bug fixes and improvements – as always!

1.19.2 Patch Notes

What’s new in 1.19.2?

  • Portals – create them to teleport to a nearby city!
  • Banishing survivors – no more “accidents” 🙂
  • Bandages detection – now you can set your radar to “Bandages”!
  • Translation update – many fixes and improvements in many languages thanks to our translators!
  • Restore account warning – to prevent unwanted account loss.
  • Bug fixes and improvements – as always!