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Hello everyone!

Since the beginning of the new website, we wanted to somehow include the community, to help us with your suggestions, feedback, bug reports, and also by telling us what you are interested in seeing next!

Well, we are going to take that last one to a next level! 🙂

This post is going to be on the top of the page and we will use it to discuss stuff regarding the website. (There is no channel on Discord for that, so it’s kinda exclusive ;)) You can comment below the post, even without registering. If you got suggestions, want to see a specific page on our website, want to report issues, feel free to do so! We will be collecting suggestions and if they make it to publishing, we will reward you – like when we asked for feedback. There will be also a little list to show you how we decided on different ideas.


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2 thoughts on “Website feedback, suggestions, reports”

  1. I’m sorry if it’s a double post, it’s my first time using discord you see.
    I have a few suggestion,
    1. Can you make it so we can equip weapons on backpack when scavenging? Or even better, bandage too. It’s kind of weird not being able to use weapon found when it’s a post apocalypse setting where you need to do anything to survive.

    2. If you can implement no.1, make it so we can take things on backpack when adventuring, weapons or bandage. Same reason as no.1.

    3. Make it so we can skip a turn for a character.

    4. If we’re talking about reality, it’s weird for those who give the last gets all the experience, what about dividing it according to damage given and a bonus exp for last hitter?

    5. I don’t know about other, but i’m concerned about upgrade shelter main mission. I’m new so i’m still at chapter 3, and i got upgrade shelter 3 times.
    I’ve been playing for 4 days, and i roamed a lot, so i only opened main mission yesterday, when i’ve upgraded my shelters more than 20 times. What i’m concerned is if someone opened main mission late, or they upgrade the shelter too much without doing the main mission, he can get stuck on shelter upgrade, if the main mission did not account the upgrade done before. Can you make it so that upgrades done before get accounted for?

    There’s another one but i forgot.. aahahha.

    Oh, please fix loot probability. It’s very often i didn’t get any 4dots probability loot even after searching more than thrice, and some loot such as jars is very hard to find.

    Thank youu, this is a good game, keep up the good work dev!

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