Alien Horseman’s Pick


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Alien Horseman’s Pick
Weapon pattern:
Damage type: Pierce
Ammo type: –
Attacks Per Turn: 1
Average damage: 82
Average durability: 108

Alien Horseman’s Pick is great for new players, but it has low durability. Around mid-game, you won’t really have any issues, but you will need to keep an eye on the durability, it might break in the middle of a fight!



Alien Horseman’s Pick can be found in places that have the alien weapons () icon. It can also be crafted in the Forge.

Crafting & Upgrading

To craft Alien Horseman’s Pick, you will need:

1x Horseman’s Pick ()
2x Metal Pieces ()
2x Tanker Scalpels ()
2x Crabber Shield Sticks ()

To upgrade your Alien Horseman’s Pick, you will need:

4x Crabber Shield Sticks ()
2x Metal Pieces ()
1x Rags ()

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