Bladed Gauntlet

I‘m willing to risk it, just to play Wolverine.

~Superhero fan
Bladed Gauntlet
Weapon pattern:
Damage type: Blunt
Ammo type: –
Attacks Per Turn: 1
Average damage: 17
Average durability: 59

The Bladed Gauntlet is great for new players, and it can be used for a short time. Around the mid-game, you might struggle against some creatures, but it’s still better than fighting barehanded. It might break during longer encounters, so watch out for its condition!



Bladed Gauntlet can be found in places that have the alien weapons () icon. It can also be crafted in the Forge.

Crafting & Upgrading

To craft Bladed Gauntlet, you will need:

1x Knuckles ()
3x Knitwear ()
1x Oddments ()
8x Niepuszcza Teeth ()

To upgrade your Bladed Gauntlet, you will need:

2x Knitwear ()
2x Screwdriver ()
1x Nails ()

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