Knightmare Lance

They can glue you back together! IN HELL!

~Scottish demolitionist
Knightmare Lance
Weapon pattern:
Damage type: Explosive
Ammo type: –
Attacks Per Turn: 1
Average damage: 144
Average durability: 72

Knightmare Lance is an explosive weapon that doesn’t require gunpowder or anything combustible to reload. The tradeoff is that this weapon has relatively low durability.



Knightmare Lance can only obtained by crafting it in the Workshop.

Crafting & Upgrading

To craft Knightmare Lance, you will need:

1x Spear ()
3x Niepuszcza Teeth ()
2x Tool Boxes ()
3x Tanker scalpels ()
1x Demon Thread ()

To upgrade your Knightmare Lance, you will need:

3x Tanker Magnetium Needles ()
4x Nettings ()

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