What the frick is this? It looks like a… uh… A water pipe? But with some parts glued to it? I have no idea.

~Weapons engineer
Weapon pattern:
Damage type: Blunt
Ammo type: –
Attacks Per Turn: 1
Average damage: 43
Average durability: 54

So, sticking a bunch of alien stuff to a bad weapon seems like a good idea to you. Just- just a reminder that it breaks fast. Least it does good damage, though.



The Tomapipe can be found in places that have the tool weapons () icon. It can also be crafted in the workshop.

Crafting & Upgrading

To craft Tomapipe, you will need:

1x Lead Pipe ()
3x Metal Pieces ()
2x Ropes ()
2x Tanker Diamond Claws ()

To upgrade your Tomapipe, you will need:

1x Clothes ()
2x Saw ()
2x Provisored Ropes ()

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