Look at me and my bow! I only need to dip my arrows in chemicals and poisons and you guys will sleep like logs.

~Chemist about to use his lab
Weapon pattern:
Damage type: Pierce
Ammo type: Arrow ()
Attacks Per Turn: 1
Average damage: 14
Average durability: 180

A weapon that came from primitive ages. Still used these days, and it’s still effective.



Bow can be found in places that have the medieval (), tool (), and sport weapons () icon. It can also be crafted in the Workshop.

Crafting & Upgrading

To craft a Bow, you will need:

1x Handmade Bow ()
1x Wires ()
2x Wood ()

To upgrade your Bow, you will need:

1x Wood ()
1x Provisored Ropes ()
1x Rags ()

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