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Closure of Blackout Age

Dear Blackout Age Players,

As our incredible journey with “Blackout Age” has come to an end, we are overwhelmed with gratitude for each and every one of you.
Thank you for being with us through thick and thin. Your active support, dedication, and passion have been the backbone of our engagement.
Your kind words, constructive feedback, and the camaraderie you’ve built have made this journey truly special.
Though this is the end of Blackout Age, we believe it’s not the end of our story!

With all our gratitude,
The Blackout Age Team

Mini Leaderboard Release

What’s new in 1.55?

  • Mini leaderboard
  • Bug fixes and some improvements

New Year Release

What’s new in 1.54?

  • Increasing weapon durability in the store
  • Improving combat and monster balance in initial fights
  • Bug fixes and some improvements

Christmas Release

What’s new in 1.53?

  • New limited Christmas portraits
  • Christmas is here – make gathering resources on the map easier!
  • Bug fixes and improvements

Mini adventures & FTUE improvements

What’s new in 1.52?

  • Finally some new short adventures!
  • First-Time User Experience improvement
  • New portraits
  • Bug fixes and improvements

We’re still working on improving Demon, so please be patient!

Rongy & Aloe Release

What’s new in 1.51?

  • Two new dangerous monsters – Rongy and Aloe!
  • New remains and weapon recipes
  • Brand new special actions for monsters – for both new ones and those already in the game!

Thank you all for your continuous support!

Slukder & Overhear Release

What’s new in 1.50?

  • Two new sneaky monsters – Overhear and Slukder!
  • New remains and crafting weapon
  • Fight balance improvement

Thank you all for your continuous support!

New Portraits Released

What’s new in 1.49?

  • New portraits added
  • Some weapons and other bugs fixed
  • Fight balance improved

After the new weapons were discovered, we are looking for new aliens for you! You will be able to meet them in the game soon 🙂

Thank you all for your continuous support!

New Weapons Release

What’s new in 1.48?

  • New incredible weapons!
  • New weapon types with completely different damage effects and sounds
  • New crafting recipes
  • Changed the balance of some weapons

Thank you all for your continuous support!

Graphic Improvement Release

What’s new in 1.47?

  • Translations of the next parts of the game
  • Game balance improving
  • Replacing some in-game illustrations
  • Change of graphics – Chimkeu, Kekik, Laufer and Nienia

Thank you all for your continuous support!