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Our Team

Head of Studio & Graphics

“I remember everything and I take care of everything – deadlines, papers, creators and monsters too 😉 For relaxation, I also help with the creation of artwork for Blackout Age”.

Back-end Developer

“I write server code & run it in the cloud. The team can always expect my two cents in game design.”

Mobile Developer

“I am so mobile that I can only write code while running”.

Game Designer & Monetization expert

“I love creating worlds, sci-fi and speculative biology, Blackout Age is one of my beloved project, and I strongly believe one day this world will be well known not only by the game, but also via books, PC Games and Netflix series”.

Project & Marketing Manager

“I graduated in Digital Marketing. Before joining the Datastrohpic Games team I worked in the SEO sector. In my spare time, I play pen&paper RPGs, eg. “Call of Cthulhu”.”

QA Specialist

“No bugs can hide from me :)”

Senior Game Artist

“I put all those happy little purple clouds on the map”.

Community Manager

“I help develop the Blackout community”

Web Developer

“I’m a web guy.”

Analyst Specialist

“My occupation is: analytics, balance, consultation, increasing resources and acquiring not-only-lethal skills.”