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Motivation Calculator

Motivation is one of the most important stats. It determines how much HP your survivor gets with each level up. If you know the formula, you can easily calculate how much HP your survivor will have at max level, which may help you decide if you want to keep him/her or rather look for someone more… “durable”. This little calculator below will help you get that mysterious number. Unlimited uses, so feel free to check all your survivors!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Motivation?
A: Motivation is determining how much HP (Health points) your survivors will get with each level up. This number can be an integer or end with 0.5. If it’s x.5 in the end, for example, 10.5 -> it means once you level up your survivor, from level 1 to 2, it will gain +10 HP. The next time you level up your survivor, from level 2 to level 3, it will gain +11 HP.

Q: Can a survivor’s Motivation change as time goes on?
A: Long story short: No. Your survivor’s motivation is fixed as time goes on. It might change in the future though.

Q: How can I tell whether my survivor has high Motivation?
A: Motivation can be 1, or even 25. The higher the motivation, the better! If your survivor’s motivation is between 1 and 9.5, it’s a low motivation. Your survivor’s motivation is good if it’s between 10 and 16.5. Everything above 16.5 is high, and over 21 it’s excellent.

Q: How can I get more motivated survivors in the Neighborhood?
A: High Motivation survivors aren’t easy to find. The Neighborhood has a very low chance of showing you a high Motivation survivor. To get high motivation survivors, you will need to sacrifice or banish survivors. A high-level survivor’s replacement usually comes with HIGHER motivation.

Q: Is Motivation trainable?
A: No. Currently, motivation can’t be trained, but it might change in the future.

Q: Do aliens have Motivation?
A: No, aliens don’t have Motivation.