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Welcome to our Blog!

1.21.0 Patch Notes

What’s new in 1.21.0?

  • FIND GREAT WEAPONS – to get a fork, you can stay in your kitchen, but to get a good gun, you will need to visit a Police Station.
  • Change team name – many of you have asked for it, now you can change your name anytime.
  • Select your first survivor – who is more likely to survive? A waiter or a scientist? Choose!
  • Improved registration – will you play in your neighborhood or select a city from the list?
  • Bug fixes and improvements – as always!

1.20.0 Patch Notes

What’s new in 1.20.0?

  • 30 brand new survivors to recruit!
  • New hints – survivors will draw your attention to the most important things
  • Weights in LBS in USA, Ireland, Canada and the United Kingdom
  • Auto-sync time with the server
  • Bug fixes and improvements – as always!

1.19.2 Patch Notes

What’s new in 1.19.2?

  • Portals – create them to teleport to a nearby city!
  • Banishing survivors – no more “accidents” 🙂
  • Bandages detection – now you can set your radar to “Bandages”!
  • Translation update – many fixes and improvements in many languages thanks to our translators!
  • Restore account warning – to prevent unwanted account loss.
  • Bug fixes and improvements – as always!

Website 1.1 Release

Today we’ve released the new Website Version (v1.1).
We’ve added many things, including:

  • New Footer
  • New and Updated FAQ page (Now with FAQ submissions!)
  • Fixed some style issues on different pages

For more details, check our Change Log.

1.18.2 Patch Notes

What’s new in 1.18.2?

  • Less clouds on the map – Even easier to travel!
  • Translation update – many fixes in many languages thanks to our translators.
  • 20 new survivor portraits – Thanks to our great players!
  • Weapons bought in the shop have a little more damage
  • Bug fixes and improvements
  • Website icon in-game – get 5 free batteries!

Website 1.0 Announcement

Welcome to the new website of Blackout Age!

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Datastrophic Games – the game’s Developer team for letting us work with them on this project and for their help on the way from 0 to 100!

In the past few weeks we transformed the old, outdated website into something else. With hard work, we finally can announce: Our work is ready to be shown!

I’d like to thank the following people:
Fiufściak – For his help with CSS, design and creating Wiki
MatoGamer – For his great design elements and editing
Flamme 5.0.6 – For editing and testing the website

Of course, our work wont stop here, we’ll keep the website up to date.

We know some pages are empty(Wiki and First Steps) and we are currently working hard on those, everything should be ready in a few weeks.

The website can be used on PC, Laptop, Tablet and Mobile as well, but for Mobile devices I suggest holding your phone horizontally.

1.17.2 Patch Notes

What’s new in 1.17.2?

  • Weapon Enhancements – stun, poison, ignite and many more!
  • Batteries warning – you will no longer spend your batteries by accident!
  • Translation update – many fixes in many languages thanks to our translators.
  • New offers in the shop
  • Bug fixes and improvements