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Flock Related Questions

What is the purpose of Flocks?
You will not survive alone! If you are in a Flock, you can chat with other players. They may also grant you permission to start your scavenge from their shelter. This way, you can find any, even rare type of building for your tasks and missions.

What does the requesting button do?
Send a request to other players in the Flock to let you start your scavenge from their shelter. It’s also a good idea to clarify what type of building or resources you need.

Are the flocks country-limited?
Nope, a Flock can be international, but it looks like you see only your country’s Flocks.
You can join any Flock by typing the Flock’s name manually.

What is the player limit in Flocks?
It’s 10 right now, but with upcomming updates Flock may change.