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Game Related Questions

What engine the game is using?
Blackout Age was made in Flutter.

Where the game is taking data from?
Game is taking data from Open Street Maps. The OSM objects are filtered by tags. Different tags provide different mechanics. We do not yet profit from all the possibilities – we plan to also consider eg. shapes of buildings and number of levels.

Is it possible to fight any other Player?
For now, it’s not. But it’s on the todo list.

Sometimes while playing the game, a sign of Internet problem/maintenance appears. What does that mean?
“Wi-Fi” icon usually means there is a problem with your connection. We suggest you double-check the Internet connection on your side. The maintenance screen usually means that there is a connection but the response for some reasons didn’t make any sense. Retry once or twice – if the problem persists, give it some time or ask on our Discord channel.

How often the game is being updated, do you have a deadline?
We try to release a new version every two or three weeks.

Why there is no place in the game that exists in my city?
Either it’s missing on OpenStreetMap or it doesn’t have enough tags – the game engine sometimes consider uninteresting things a noise and ignores it.

Where did you get the images from?
Illustration and photos (including faces that weren’t sent by actual players) used in the game came from the following service: Pexels

Where did you get the icons from?
All the free icons used in this project are listed in the following document: Icons

How can I get batteries?
You can get batteries for checking our Social Sites. (4×5, one time only) You can find batteries while looting or you can buy them in the Shop!

How can I get SIM-Cards?
Easiest way to obtain SIM-Cards is selling stuff. You can sell non-used items and weapons in your shelter. You can also find SIM-Cards while looting or you can buy them in the Shop!