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Knowledge and Alien Related Questions

How to gain knowledge about Aliens?
The easiest way to gain knowledge about aliens is killing them. After killing aliens you have a chance to get knowledge about the alien you killed. You may also gain intel in Random Events.

How to gain knowledge about Demons?
You can gain knowledge about Demons by killing Demons. Of course, it’s risky and not easy, so we highly recommend Random Events instead!

How to gain knowledge about Planets?
Easiest way to gain knowledge about Planets is doing Chapters. You can also gain knowledge about Planets during Random Events.

Does knowledge about an alien gives me anything?
Yes, it gives you a small damage boost against that alien.

Which aliens are sapient?
From the aliens available in the game, currently Hoppers, Knightmares and Crabbers are sapient.

Can you trade with sapient species?
No. However, it might be added in the future.