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Game-Mechanics Related Questions

Why do some of my survivors get more HP when increasing Endurance?
There is a formula for calculating Endurance. The formula is: Current HP – 50 / Endurance
Endurance around 8-9 is average, 10 and above is great!

What does the radar do?
It makes your day easier. While you are always free to take your own path, at the times you feel lazy just let the radar guide you. It tries to figure out the next move that would make sense for you.

Do I get a reward for a high place on the Leaderboards?
Right now the only reward is eternal glory. Until someone beats you.

I got an additional move after killing a monster. Is that normal?
Yes, it is normal. When you kill an alien you’ll have the chance to attack another one immediately.

Sometimes I get more experience for killing the same alien, why?
It’s based on the alien’s HP. The more HP the alien has, the more XP you get for killing it.

I see a building with the same icon as in the story, why doesn’t it light up?
It may not show up because of Different Tags on OpenStreetMap. You can always check wheter a building is marked or no.

I see Ruins but they have very unusual drop rates?
The building appears as Ruins but has different tags on OpenStreetMap which affects the loot inside the building.

Can you sell resources?
Yes, you can! Simply go to your Shelter -> Tap on Inventory -> Tap on the Item you want to sell, and press Confirm.

Can you sell weapons?
Yes, you can! Simply go to your Shelter -> Tap on Armory -> Tap on the Weapon you want to sell, and press Confirm.

Can you repair weapons?
Currently, you can’t repair broken weapons, however, you can still use them as a crafting material.