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How to get my photo added to the game?

If you want to have your portrait in the Blackout Age game, please, send us your photo to email address:

Please make sure that your image meets those guidelines (very important):

  • Image size is at least 1500px (2000px at best) on it’s shorter edge.
  • Image is not blurred.
  • Your face is more or less looking straight at the camera, instead of being seen from the side, bottom, etc.
  • The photo should be raw – without any filters.
  • The light source is somewhere in front of you. Please, do not submit images with a backlight.
  • Please, take the photos with the main camera, instead of the frontal one. Unless your phone is really powerful, the frontal camera always gives a lower resolution, blurred photos.
  • If possible, stand in front of a relatively plain wall – that will make it easier for us to add a climatic background.
  • If you know any cool, climate place you can also pose there for maximum immersion!

Please, attach the following statement to the email with the photo:
(Otherwise we can’t add your photo to the game.)

“I hereby confirm that the photo attached to the message represents my likeness and I hold full copyright to this photo.

I provide my likeness and picture of my own free will and I hereby consent to the use of my likeness and picture in the mobile game “Blackout Age”, as well as in publicity concerning the same, without providing any additional personal data.

I declare being a major and that I have the full right to make this declaration of consent. In the event that I am a minor, this declaration of consent will be made by the entitled parent or guardian.

I understand that I will not be entitled to receive any payment in consideration for the use of my likeness and picture as set forth above, in the game pursuant to this declaration of consent.”

Changing one of my survivors to my own photo

To personalize your gaming experience we can change portrait of your survivor to your photo. If you want that, please provide us with your TeamID. You can find it in Menu -> Settings -> Help -> Copy team info to clipboard. Also, let us know which survivor’s portrait you’d like to replace with your photo. If you’d like further customization of the survivor with your photo, such as changing the survivor’s name, last name, or age, please inform us. However, for security reasons, please do not use your real name.