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Shelter & Character Related Questions

When I move my shelter to a different location, do I lose my upgrades?
No, you can freely move your shelter with all your items/upgrades.

Why there are locked rooms in my shelter?
You need more Prestige. You can earn Prestige in various ways, but the main source of Prestige is killing alien creatures.

Are there any limits of moving my shelter?
Currently there are no limits of moving your shelter and we don’t see why there would be! 🙂

How can I save my survivor from starving/dehydration?
Sometimes things just won’t go as planned and your survivors won’t find any Food/Water. Even with 1 Food/Water you can still scavenge on that day – and if you find Food/Water enough for all your survivors, they will live another day. You can also buy Grocery Pack in the Shop for real money, or spend batteries on Food/Water. Also, don’t forget your Laboratory, even on Level 1, you can craft Food and Water, you may have collected all the needed resources without noticing it!

Can we revive dead characters?
Yes, you can revive a dead character by using IV Drip. If your survivor died on expedition in a fight, after you return to your shelter you’ll have a chance to revive, but be careful! IV Drip is one of the rarest resources, and it costs 50 batteries to buy if you don’t have any.

What happens if all my characters die?
You’ll have to recruit a new one. This is called “Force Recruit”. The game won’t let you go on until you hire a new survivor.