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~Iranian teenager
Planet of origin: El’Craft
Forms of damage
Stab: 53
Bite: 40
Attacks per turn: 1 – 2
Initiative: 39 (Fast)
Height: ??? cm
Average weight: 6905 kg
Average health: 453
First appearance: Chapter 6

The creature was first observed in Iran by a boy named Kiarash, hence the most commonly used name for this creature. The young boy repeatedly drew the creature and told about its terrifying roar and strength, but no one saw any individual. Kiarashes have been observed occasionally in various parts of the world, but have occurred very sporadically. Apparently, Leiosa’s air was poisonous to this species, and very few individuals made it to Earth. Now they are starting to become more common with the increasing numbers of large species coming in. Kiarashes are deadly because, as the newly formed proverb says, the Kiarash’s roar can stun even a deaf man.



Kiarash’s weakness heatmap

Kiarash’s weakness map represents the probability of weak points spawning on various alien body parts. Uncolored parts show the areas where these points generate less often, whereas, in the places marked red, they appear most frequently. Please note that in no way does it affect the damage dealt unless you attack the weak point directly. So, for example, if you target the tentacles when no weak point is present, you’ll get the same result as if you tried to attack the top of their head.


We are trying to get Kiarashes analyzed as we talk, but for now, we have only discovered their resistances!

  •  Bleed – 0% resistance
  •  Blind – 50% resistance
  •  Dizzy – 0% resistance
  •  Fear – 50% resistance
  •  Hatred – 50% vulnerability
  •  Ignite – 20% vulnerability
  •  Poison – 50% resistance
  •  Stun – 0% resistance

Resistances affect a weapon’s base debuff multiplier (100%). With no resistance, the chance to apply a debuff is what you see on a weapon’s card. So, for example, if your weapon has a 10% Fear enhancement, each hit with that weapon has 10% (base chance) * (100% – 0%) (base debuff multiplier) = 10% chance to apply Fear debuff. However, with Kiarashs’ 50% resistance against the debuff, that number is lowered to 10% * (100% – 50%) = 5% chance. Alternatively, a weapon with a 10% Hatred enhancement would be more effective due to Kiarash being vulnerable to the Hatred debuff. 10% * (100% + 50%) = 15% chance to make the target hate you.

Useful knowledge

These facts increase your chance to successfully obtain alien-specific loot:

Kiarash Egg:

Kiarash Vocal Cord:


When killed, Kiarash have a chance to drop:

Kiarash’s hollow egg is perfect for filling with explosives.

Kiarash Egg

It is suitable for the production of sonic weapons of unprecedented power.

Kiarash Vocal Cord

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Our researchers are actively working on finding out more about this creature!