Community Scripts

Script to Find Weapons & Meds by Fiufściak

Script by Fiufściak to find Weapons & Meds. Click HERE to use it.

Script to Find Wires, Museums and Watch Shops by Fr0st

Script by Fr0st to find Police Stations, Museums, Watch Shops and Substations. Click HERE to use it.

8 thoughts on “Community Scripts”

  1. Does someone have a list of all the available node/way types? I’d like to develop some scrips and the syntax isn’t super complicated but I have no way to query whats available in game. An example is hunting stands are no longer marked the same way. I found one in game but can’t locate it on the existing weapons scrips.

  2. I live in Turkey and I need a museum and the story doesn’t end and how can I teleport to a museum in the game using these files

    1. I know this is a late reply but you can join a flock and start from someone else’s shelter. This will place you in a different location, perhaps even a completely different country all together. There are other ways to teleport yourself but I dont want to reveal it here because I feel it does not align with the spirit of fair gameplay.

  3. Registered users can freely ask for scripts / discuss about scripts here.
    We (website staff) will help as soon as we can.

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