Opening translator languages

Hello survivors!

I (魔鬼 aka Green Demon) have taken over the Translator team in February and from the feedback I got, I think it’s time to open new languages!

You can comment down below and if a language is wanted by you, we are going to open it!

(Notice: A new language needs at least 2 active translators in order to open.)


29 thoughts on “Opening translator languages”

  1. There are errors or omissions in some Turkish translations in your game. so i want to help you with this , i also came across untranslated texts into Turkish . may I help you?

  2. A lot of things in Brazillian Portuguese looks like a google translate translation, if there still recruitment for this language I’m in!

  3. Please open the Korean translation.
    I’m enjoying this game and I’m so sad that the translation is terrible. I’ll play a part in two!

  4. For a long time? More than half of content in this game still untranslated. I guess your Russian translators do nothing rn, so think about new translators with more time for this job, okay?

    1. The Russian language is 83% done. There are 1320 strings left to translate, and 130 of them already has suggestions. Thanks for your feedback, I’ll consider recruiting more Russian translator(s) in the near future.

  5. I noticed that not everything is translated in Russian, so can I open Russian?)

    1. Russian was opened for a long time, currently the language is open but the applications are closed, we have 3 Russian translators and we find it enough to finish the rest of the translations.

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