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Closure of Blackout Age

Dear Blackout Age Players,

As our incredible journey with “Blackout Age” has come to an end, we are overwhelmed with gratitude for each and every one of you.
Thank you for being with us through thick and thin. Your active support, dedication, and passion have been the backbone of our engagement.
Your kind words, constructive feedback, and the camaraderie you’ve built have made this journey truly special.
Though this is the end of Blackout Age, we believe it’s not the end of our story!

With all our gratitude,
The Blackout Age Team

Opening translator languages

Hello survivors!

I (魔鬼 aka Green Demon) have taken over the Translator team in February and from the feedback I got, I think it’s time to open new languages!

You can comment down below and if a language is wanted by you, we are going to open it!

(Notice: A new language needs at least 2 active translators in order to open.)


Translator Application

Please follow these steps to help us translate Blackout Age into your language:

  1. Register on Weblate:
  2. Confirm your account by clicking on the activation link sent by Weblate
  3. I need to assign your account to the BA project – I need your email and the language you want to
    translate to, please contact me via Please send us your team ID, too – we need it to send you batteries for translations. Team ID can be found in Menu-> Settings-> Help-> Copy team info to clipboard
  4. Wait until we confirm that you can start the translation.
  5. Set your “Translated Language” here:
  6. Based on the language selected in the previous step you can browse suggested translations here:
  7. Weblate is intuitive (we hope :); if you have any questions feel free to contact us anytime!
  8. To get your reward, contact us at anytime – we will check your profile and send you 2 batteries for every translation :).


  • Should I use the Save or Suggest button?
    Please use Save in 99% of cases, use Suggest only if you are not sure of your translation.
  • Should I translate words in {}?
    No, they will be replaced by the game, so “Plan day {day}” will become “Plan day 1”.
  • Should I translate alien names?
    Please contact other translators – we want to keep it sound natural for every language, so for some languages, we translate it and for some others, it stays in the original English form.

Important notice:
By submitting the application, you agree to the following terms:
I declare that I consent to the processing by Datastrophic Games Sp. z o.o. of the personal data provided by me in the application (in particular, e-mail address and Discord Tag) for the purposes of:

  1. Recruitment for the free Blackout Age game translation process.
  2. Contacting me and cooperating with me regarding the free translation of the game – after the successful completion of the recruitment process.

I provide my data voluntarily and I am aware that I can resign from cooperation and request the deletion of data at any time, and the company will comply with my request.

The first Hunting Season has come to an end

Hello survivors!

We’re announcing the end of the first Hunting Season. When we came up with the idea of the event itself, we didn’t know how we could make it work, so every player would have a chance to be rewarded for hunting different creatures. We decided to make it happen in a straightforward way: announcing here and on Discord when it’s actually happening, sending out the rewards, repeating it from week to week. We wanted to see how the community would react and collect feedback from these six weeks to make the Second Hunting Season much, much better. Still, we want to ask you for a favor. Please, complete the survey below to help us understand your feelings about the event better. So far, we only have our technical data and observations and would like to find out what you think.

Stay tuned for news regarding the Second Hunting Week, and thanks for participating in the first one!

1st Hunting Week has come to an end.

Hello everyone!

Lapieto was the first creature to get the honor of being hunted by the best survivors for a week, but the event has come to an end. Just for the poor Lapietos, though!

Week 2 of the Hunting Season is focused on Badbats, check our related post by clicking HERE.

The results of Week 1:

Website v1.2 release

Hello everyone!

First, I’d like to apologize for the 2,5x maintenance time we expected, but publishing 100+ pages wasn’t as easy as we thought! The new version has brought many new pages. You can find detailed info on the Change Log page!

For the future, we will soon launch Weekly Quiz, and we also got plans for v1.3’s release. 🙂
First Steps is in progress as well, stay tuned!

Upcoming website updates

Hello Everyone!

Many of you may have been wondering why we didn’t publish Weapons yet. Well… we are wondering as well. But things have changed.

We are going to publish Weapons Main Page, Melee weapons, and Wiki 3.0 in a week!
Just to make it even better: We are going to add a Weekly Quiz page for battery rewards.

Recently we’ve updated many things in the background, and currently we are extending our team to bring even more content to you, faster than before.

We planned the following stuff to be added:

  • Creature sounds to Wiki
  • Creatures debuff resistance to Wiki
  • Creature Lores to Wiki
  • First Steps including Video Tutorials, Text tips, and Step by Steps (with images!)
  • From now on, the new patch notes will come with a gallery to show you the new content.

Website 1.1 Release

Today we’ve released the new Website Version (v1.1).
We’ve added many things, including:

  • New Footer
  • New and Updated FAQ page (Now with FAQ submissions!)
  • Fixed some style issues on different pages

For more details, check our Change Log.

Website 1.0 Announcement

Welcome to the new website of Blackout Age!

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Datastrophic Games – the game’s Developer team for letting us work with them on this project and for their help on the way from 0 to 100!

In the past few weeks we transformed the old, outdated website into something else. With hard work, we finally can announce: Our work is ready to be shown!

I’d like to thank the following people:
Fiufściak – For his help with CSS, design and creating Wiki
MatoGamer – For his great design elements and editing
Flamme 5.0.6 – For editing and testing the website

Of course, our work wont stop here, we’ll keep the website up to date.

We know some pages are empty(Wiki and First Steps) and we are currently working hard on those, everything should be ready in a few weeks.

The website can be used on PC, Laptop, Tablet and Mobile as well, but for Mobile devices I suggest holding your phone horizontally.