Translator Application

Please follow these steps to help us translate Blackout Age into your language:

  1. Register on Weblate:
  2. Confirm your account by clicking on the activation link sent by Weblate.
  3. I need to assign your account to the BA project – I need your email, please contact me via Please send us your team ID, too – we need it to send you batteries for translations. Team ID can be found in Menu-> Settings-> Help-> Copy team info to clipboard
  4. Wait until we confirm that you can start the translation.
  5. Set your “Translated Language” here:
  6. Based on the language selected in the previous step you can browse suggested translations here:
  7. Weblate is intuitive (we hope :); if you have any questions feel free to contact us anytime!
  8. To get your reward, contact us at anytime – we will check your profile and send you 2 batteries for every translation :).


  • Should I use the Save or Suggest button?
    Please use Save in 99% of cases, use Suggest only if you are not sure of your translation.
  • Should I translate words in {}?
    No, they will be replaced by the game, so “Plan day {day}” will become “Plan day 1”.
  • Should I translate alien names?
    Please contact other translators – we want to keep it sound natural for every language, so for some languages, we translate it and for some others, it stays in the original English form.

Important notice:
By submitting the application, you agree to the following terms:
I declare that I consent to the processing by Datastrophic Games Sp. z o.o. of the personal data provided by me in the application (in particular, e-mail address and Discord Tag) for the purposes of:

  1. Recruitment for the free Blackout Age game translation process.
  2. Contacting me and cooperating with me regarding the free translation of the game – after the successful completion of the recruitment process.

I provide my data voluntarily and I am aware that I can resign from cooperation and request the deletion of data at any time, and the company will comply with my request.

113 thoughts on “Translator Application”

  1. Es un juego muy bueno aparte tiene una historia un poquito suave pero buena

    1. he says It is a very good game aside from it has a story a little soft but good

    2. Hola me llamo cristofer y este juego fue un juego maravilloso por que podia ver mi casa y la de los vecinos y también los aliens que son buen obstáculos para que el juego sea mas entretenido………
      No sé que decir de esta maravilla y que miro un buen rato por que quiero las baterías para conseguir a una chica que cuesta 50 de baterías pero estuve mirando anunsios pero de tanto mirar el juego me dijo, espera 20 minutos. pero conseguire a la chica cueste lo que cueste, Grasias les deseo exito

  2. Bueno,esta bien dentro de todo pero arruinaron algo con la traduccion de los alienigenas (extraterrestres) que es lo original de sus nombres en ingles como son algunos casos el alienigena “lapieto”

  3. Question: can i use my translation work for this game for my portfolio/job reference?
    (Also, are you guys recruiting for any other work on this or other games?)

  4. Es un juego muy original. El interfaz es sencillo y dinamico. Muy intuitivo. Le falta traducir al castellano algunas partes.

    1. The truth is the game is very good I loved it I hope they make more games like this

  5. Está muy guay,hay un libro que está guay que va también sobre bandas adorescentes y apocalypsis The Young The world The cris weyzt

  6. Lo hacabo de conocer y está guay os recomiendo un libro que va sobre bandas adorescentes en un apocalipsis:The Young The world

  7. Como trocar de mapa? Escolher outro lugar no mapa para se estabelecer…. Escolhi minha localização mas quero ir pra SP?

    1. You can set down your shelter by tapping the button in the left corner. If you are asking about GPS location, Flocks are a good way to change location fast, also, sometimes it’s worth starting over.

  8. Nagyon tetszik ez a játék. Csak vannak kosebb problémák például a karakterek kinézete nem illik a volt foglalkozádukhoz, meg jó lenne ha a választható karakterekhez egy nemzetiség ikon is lenne. De ezektől eltekintve ez egy nagyszerű játék!

  9. Πραγματικά εκπληκτικό παιχνίδι. Συνδιάζει δύο υπέροχα επιτραπέζια (this war of mine και dead of winter) με απόλυτη επιτυχία. Και μάλιστα στην πόλη που μένεις. Απλα υπέροχο.

    1. Thanks for your amazing comment!
      The developers are trying to deliver their best, there is a big change coming, stay tuned!

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