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Don’t know about you guys but I think we’ve entered the Cthulhu realm.

~One of the first survivors of the Stream of the Worlds
Planet of origin: El’Craft
Forms of damage
Claws: 7
Talon 9
Attacks per turn: 1 – 2
Initiative: 21 (Fast)
Height: 130 cm
Average weight: 45 kg
Average health: 25
First appearance: Chapter 1

Badbats are the 2nd species of aliens players encounter in the game. While still relatively easy to beat, they serve as a warning that stronger, more numerous foes are about to appear. Ignore that warning, and you might find yourself surrounded and backed into a corner.



Badbat’s weakness heatmap

Badbat’s weakness map represents the probability of weak points spawning on various alien body parts. Green color highlights the areas where these points generate less often, whereas, in the places marked red, they appear most frequently. Please note that in no way does it affect the damage dealt unless you attack the weak point directly. So, for example, if you target the head when no weak point is present, you’ll get the same result as if you tried to attack the claws.


Badbats aren’t tough creatures. They rely on their flying mobility but are still fragile and can easily be stunned, frightened, or wounded. Due to their somewhat cautious nature, they can’t be provoked to fight. Luring Badbats with food still works, though.

  •  Bleed – 100% vulnerability
  •  Blind – 0% resistance
  •  Dizzy – 0% resistance
  •  Fear – 100% vulnerability
  •  Hatred – Immune
  •  Ignite – 0% resistance
  •  Poison – 0% resistance
  •  Stun – 100% vulnerability

Resistances affect a weapon’s base debuff multiplier (100%). With no resistance, the chance to apply a debuff is what you see on a weapon’s card. So, for example, if your weapon has a 10% Hatred enhancement, each hit with that weapon has 10% (base chance) * (100% – 0%) (base debuff multiplier) = 10% chance to apply Hatred debuff. However, with Badbats’ 100% resistance against the debuff, that number is reduced to only 10% * (100% – 100%) = 0% chance. Alternatively, a weapon with a 10% Stun enhancement would be more effective due to Badbats being vulnerable to stunning. 10% * (100% + 100%) = 20% chance to stun the target.

Useful knowledge

These facts increase your chance to successfully obtain alien-specific loot:

Badbat Stomach Liquid:
“The liquid from the stomach of a Badbat can be used as a biologic acid that dissolves the tissues.”

Badbat Tentacles:
“Dried tentacles of a Badbat are sweet and extremely calorific.”


When killed, Badbats have a chance to drop:

Stomach fluid ideal for decontamination and bandage production.

Used for crafting Bandages in Laboratory.

Badbat Stomach Liquid

Dried Badbat’s tentacles, delicious! Wanna try?

Used to obtain Food in Laboratory when combined with Sticks.

Badbat Tentacles

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They are predatory species that can travel vast distances in search of food. Badbats used to gather into large colonies on their homeworld, counting even a few hundred. Coordinated, they could steal prey from much bigger creatures. After the World Stream, they quickly adapted and stopped gathering in large groups. Not only did it ensure their survival, but it also allowed for rapid expansion. Consumption of a Badbat can be deadly for some species due to its extremely strong stomach acid, which can digest internal organs of the unfortunate predator.

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