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It must be bad because it came right before the Earth.

~Nationalist, but for the planet
Dominant species: Dark Stains
Cycle: 30th in the World Stream
Joined: 119 years ago

Leiosa is a Gaia-type planet. This large world possesses no traces of drastic environmental changes despite being the homeworld to one of the most advanced civilizations. There are no cities, agriculture, machines, or any structure that could indicate that a sentient life developed here. Instead, there are impenetrable wildernesses, gigantic swamps, and calm, salty oceans. The oceans’ waters consist of an abundance of meandrous rivers with many pools flowing into them. The planet is teeming with life – in the air, in the forests, on the swamps, in the oceans, and even deep underground. Creatures’ sounds are heard everywhere and numerous scents make it hard to breathe. Leiosa has rich and unique biomes where near-infinite numbers of species are settled, sharing hundreds of millions of years of evolution. The planet’s atmosphere is eternally humid and clean. The temperature throughout the year is fairly stagnant. The biggest fluctuations take place during the day-night cycle. The dominant animal species are very similar in appearance to Earth’s mammals, avians and reptiles.

Dark Stains once ruled this planet and they still have a spaceship visible on the orbit. This spaceship is the only place they can be found today, because of the changes that arose after Leiosa joined the Stream of the Worlds. They swore to find a way to stop the Stream.

Hoppers see Leiosa as a safe haven given to them by the Demons. With its lack of enemies, an abundance of food, and wonderful air, it helps them prepare for colonization of the upcoming planets in the Stream.

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