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1st Hunting Season is here!

Hello Survivors!

We’d like to introduce the 1st Hunting Season! Kill the biggest creature and win great rewards!

What’s a Hunting Season?

Hunting Season is a new community event where survivors have to kill specific creatures for one week.

Who’s the winner, what are the rewards?

The 10 best hunters will be rewarded the following way:

1st500 batteries + a unique legendary weapon
2nd300 batteries + a unique epic weapon
3rd200 batteries + a unique rare weapon
4-10th100 batteries + a unique common weapon

Which creature do I have to hunt?

The first week, you’ll need to kill the biggest Lapieto!

Where can I check my score?

You can check your current score by going to that specific alien’s weekly global leaderboard in the game. Go to the game menu -> Knowledge -> Lapieto -> trophy in the top left corner -> set the board to “This week”

Alright, so when do I start?

The event starts today at 12 am UTC (when the weekly leaderboards reset – roughly 2 hours from now) and will last the whole week till the leaderboard reset! Don’t miss out and flex those hunter skills of yours!

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