Huawei Innovation Contest results

Hello Survivors!

As we announced, we had the chance to take part in Huawei’s Innovation Contest. We promised great rewards for the community’s help if the game gets a Grand Prize. The contest ended last week, and we were sure about winning, but, sadly, the judges chose other games instead. Blackout Age got an Honorable Mention award. Although we didn’t receive the Grand Prize, we still want to thank you all for helping us becoming Top 3 in the community voting. Instead of 10,000 batteries, we will give away 1,500 batteries to players who helped us achieve this goal!
You can check the results HERE

Blackout Age Developer Team

Thanks for your feedback!

Hello everyone!

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank every player who gave us feedback regarding the First Hunting Season. We’ve got more feedback than we actually expected, but we’ve read all of them! Special thanks to the players who didn’t simply spam “10 out of 10” and gave us actual feedback. As we promised, we will be sending rewards out next week. Instead of one, we chose 2 feedback eligible for 50 batteries: Hawk and Youmi!

5th Hunting Week has come to an end.

Hello everyone!

Viatchers were the fifth creatures to get the honor of being hunted by the best survivors for a week, but the event has come to an end. They can finally take a breather.

Week 6 of the Hunting Season is focused on Armadons, check our related post by clicking HERE.

The results of Week 5:

6th week of the Hunting Season is here!

Hello Survivors!

We’d like to introduce the 6th week of the Hunting Season! Kill the biggest creature and win great rewards!

What’s a Hunting Season?

Hunting Season is a new community event where survivors have to kill specific creatures for one week.

Who’s the winner, what are the rewards?

The 10 best hunters will be rewarded the following way:

1st500 batteries + a legendary Shoulder Mounted Machine Gun
2nd300 batteries + an epic Shoulder Mounted Machine Gun
3rd200 batteries + a rare Shoulder Mounted Machine Gun
4-10th100 batteries + a common Shoulder Mounted Machine Gun

Which creature do I have to hunt?

The sixth week, you’ll need to kill the biggest Armadon!

Where can I check my score?

You can check your current score by going to that specific alien’s weekly global leaderboard in the game. Go to the game menu -> Knowledge -> Armadon -> trophy in the top left corner -> set the board to “This week”

Alright, so when do I start?

The event already started yesterday (10/12) and it will last for a week (10/18)! Don’t miss out and flex those hunting skills of yours!