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Written Tips

1. Priorities while looting

If you’ve just started the game, don’t try to look for an RPG or Assault Rifles. Weapons will be completely useless if it comes to Food and Water. You need to stack up on both first, so your adventure can begin.

2. Aliens to target

In the beginning, you should stick to killing Lapietos and Badbats, as they give the materials you need to craft Food/Water in the Laboratory.

3. Survivor amount

2 survivors should be enough for you in the beginning, don’t hire a 3rd one till you aren’t ready!
+1 survivor means +1 Food/Water each day. It may be hard to keep up if you can’t manage 2 all the time.

4. Lecture about rooms

Build Laboratory, Workshop, and set up Animal Traps and Rainwater collector as soon as possible. In the Laboratory you’ll be able to craft Food/Water, while in Workshop you’ll be able to craft simple weapons if you don’t have any, while Animal Traps work as a possible free food source each day, same with Rainwater Collector and Water.

5. The story isn’t to be rushed

Don’t rush! You may think that it’s the best to max the chapters, but if you unlock creatures way too fast you may encounter missions that can’t be completed with weak characters.

6. Survivor attributes

Try to upgrade your Strength, Stamina, and Endurance to around 10-15 or even 20. This way your characters will be able to carry way more and have more health. Later on, for better loot, you can upgrade Intelligence and Concentration. On the way to higher levels, upgrade your Observation if you don’t have enough Scouting Points, but don’t forget; only the highest Observation skill counts.

7. SIM-Cards

SIM-Cards are needed most when it comes to upgrading your shelter. You may ask yourself
“How you can get them?” It is easy, SIM-Cards can be obtained by selling stuff or by finding some in Buildings.

8. Selling items for storage

You can sell useless or late game items, so you will have more free storage space for the loot that you actually need. To sell stuff simply go to Shelter -> Inventory -> Tap on the Item you want to sell.
I highly recommend selling Books, Chemicals (as long as you don’t want to upgrade your Laboratory),
Jewelry is only used later in the game, you won’t need them and you can get 20 SIM-Cards for 1.

9. Map and Buildings

Checking your surroundings. Reality and the in-game world aren’t the same at all.
Blackout Age is a geo-location game proudly based on OpenStreetMap.
If there is a missing building you can suggest a change in OSM and it will be changed if they agree.

10. The Tool

OverPass-Turbo (OPT) is a tool for OSM (OpenStreetMap) with a built-in Wizard, so you can easily find the buildings, resources you need. Simply click/tap on Wizard on the top after finding yourself on the map, type “Restaurant” and wait for the Wizard to do all the magic to show you where you can find Restaurants.

11. Food, Water and Bandages

Make sure you always have Food, Water, and Bandages. Foods can mostly be found in Restaurants, Bakeries, and Bar’s. You can also find water in these specific spots. Bandages can be found in Hospitals, Doctors, and Pharmacies.

12. Switch enemies

Swipe between enemies! If the weakest opponent doesn’t have weak points favorable for your weapon, consider attacking another one.

13. Risk of looting

Dont stay in same place to loot stuff, the more you stay the higher change to fight against strong creatures!

14. Attack now or get attacked

Overkilling isn’t bad! The only good enemy is a dead enemy. Don’t try to save your weapon’s durability just to risk being attacked later. Also, your survivor gets a bonus move EVERY TIME they deal a fatal blow.

15. A kill is a kill

You can use status aliments to finish off enemies with a fraction of their HP. Even if a survivor fled from a battle, they’ll still get experience for killing an alien that way.

16. Conquer fear to become it

Aliens inflicted with Fear debuff will prioritize fleeing from battle. That means they won’t try to attack you during their turn. Use that to your advantage.

17. Everyone has a weakness

Check the Creatures wiki to find out about the creature’s weaknesses. Some debuffs are nearly impossible to apply against certain aliens, while others may be more effective than usual.

18. Abandonment

If you want to get rid of a survivor with no repercussions, you can banish them from your shelter.
Use the bottom red button on the other side of their card.

19. One man’s trash is another one’s treasure

Always check looted weapon stats. Even a weapon with terrible stats can have a quality that increases its value to a few thousand SIM-Cards.

20. Enemies grew too strong

If the enemies are too tough for you, you can kill off survivors to temporarily get weaker ones.

21. Patience is a virtue

If you see a half-looted building, it’s usually better to wait till it replenishes to full rather than loot it straight away. Scavenging a building resets its Replenishing-Timer.

22. Risk & Reward

Risky scavenges might pay off. The more the scavenge risk bar is filled, the less likely you are to find garbage.

23. Take all the storage help you can get

Don’t underestimate one-time offers that give you more storage space. They will come in handy later.

24. A fresh start

If you think the state that you are in is seriously bad, you can reset your game progress in the settings and start the game over again.

25. Remember and think

Keep track of attack orders during a fight. It stays the same for the whole duration of the battle, use it to eliminate the fastest opponents quickly.

26. Extra weapon storage

You can use your survivors as additional storage for weapons since equipped weapons don’t count towards the Armory limit.