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This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

~Quirky female survivor
Planet of origin: Sinsecta
Forms of damage:
Biting: 7
Attacks per turn: 1
Initiative: 10 (slow)
Height: 90 cm
Average weight: 45 kg
Average health: 12
First appearance: Chapter 1

Lapietos are the first aliens players encounter in the game. They are small, clumsy, weak, and according to some older survivors – incredibly cute. They happen to attack in large groups, counting even 6 specimens, but the threat they pose is still minimal.



Lapieto’s weakness heatmap

Lapieto’s weakness map represents the probability of weakpoints spawning on various alien body parts. Green color highlights the areas where these points generate less often, whereas, in the places marked red, they appear most frequently. Please note that in no way does it affect the damage dealt unless you attack the weakpoint directly. So, for example, if you target the mouth when no weakpoint is present, you’ll get the same result as if you tried to attack one of the legs.


Lapietos are probably the smallest of all the aliens you can meet. Yes, they may be the smallest, and the term “BURN IT WITH FIRE!” applies here as well. For being such little fellas in this big alien world, they’re pretty brave. Or just too stupid to understand the danger.

  •  Bleed – 0% resistance
  •  Blind – 50% resistance
  •  Dizzy – 0% resistance
  •  Fear – 50% resistance
  •  Hatred – 50% vulnerability
  •  Ignite – 20% vulnerability
  •  Poison – 50% resistance
  •  Stun – 0% resistance

Resistances affect a weapon’s base debuff multiplier (100%). With no resistance, the chance to apply a debuff is what you see on a weapon’s card. So, for example, if your weapon has a 10% Poison enhancement, each hit with that weapon has 10% (base chance) * (100% – 0%) (base debuff multiplier) = 10% chance to apply the Poison debuff. However, with Lapietos’ 50% resistance against the debuff, that number is reduced to only 10% * (100% – 50%) = 5% chance. Alternatively, a weapon with a 10% Hatred enhancement would be more effective due to Lapietos being easily provoked. 10% (100% + 50%) = 15% chance to make the target hate a survivor.

Useful knowledge

These facts increase your chance to successfully obtain alien-specific loot:

Lapieto Blood:
“Their blood perfectly disinfects and kills bacteria.”

Lapieto Stomach Cells:
“They store water in the shell on the stomach.”


When killed, Lapietos have a chance to drop:

Lapieto’s blood is very useful in the production of alcohol.

Used to produce Alcohol in Laboratory.

Lapieto Blood

In this bone ball, there is quite a substantial reservoir of mineral water.

Used to obtain Water in Laboratory.

Lapieto Stomach Cells

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Lapietos are insect-like omnivorous species. They reproduce quickly and can survive in a very harsh environment. Despite that, it was a relatively rare species on their home planet. Lapietos are aggressive and attack everything in their sight. The subspecies commonly met on Earth lead a solitary lifestyle, which caused it to lose the competition for more attractive territories on Sinsecta with more socially-developed creatures. It is the same lifestyle, though, that allowed them to survive the World Stream without any notable hurdles and to become the dominant subspecies on their homeworld in the span of just several dozen years. Hoppers often control the populations of Lapietos on Stream’s planets because of freshwater deposits inside their limestone shells.

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