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new creature

Lampreda Release

What’s new in 1.43.0?

  • A new monster – Lampreda
  • Making it easier to throw away unnecessary things
  • Improving the look of weakpoints
  • New graphic filters for monsters
  • New backgrounds for buildings
  • Monster’s special actions – Nematode and Crabber

Thank you all for your continuous support!

1.36.0 Patch Notes

What’s new in 1.36.0?

  • Leksaka new creature appears!
  • 13 new weapon sounds – Let that shotgun rock!
  • New players’ portraits added – Thanks for being amazing!
  • Stronger alien monsters – Can you still beat them?

Thank you all for your continuous support!

1.34.0 Patch Notes

What’s new in 1.34.0?

  • Mythical weapons – brand new weapons for your arsenal
  • New map – more colorful and diversified
  • New remains of defeated aliens – useful for crafting weapons
  • New crafting recipes – Craft the strongest weapons now!
  • 2 new types of ammo – Shotgun Shells () and Slingshot Projectile ()!
  • Bug fixes and improvements
    • durability display change (now displaying 4 digits instead of 999+)
    • removal of the upgrade button when it is impossible to upgrade

Thank you all for your continuous support!

1.32.1 Patch Notes

What’s new in 1.32.1?

  • Chimkeua new screaming creature has appeared on Earth! Our researchers have started working on its Wiki, stay tuned!
  • Chapter 25 the dark journey continues.
  • What kind of sweets do Hoppers like best on Halloween?
    • I scream and fixed bugs!

Thank you all for your continuous support!

1.30.1 Patch Notes

What’s new in 1.30.1?

  • Dedicated Shop button – easy Shop access!
  • NieniaA new creature has appeared on Earth!
  • Chapter 23the journey continues.
  • Increased prestige loss for a survivor’s death – be careful, now you lose 50k!
  • Weapon balance changes – time for changes! Following weapons were buffed in regard to recoil (hit interval between consecutive shots):
  • Bug fixes and improvements – as always!

1.28.3 Patch Notes

What’s new in 1.28.3?

  • TabBar – easy missions and shelter access!
  • Boipeludonew creature from Leiosa!
  • Chapter 22meet a new ally
  • New building design on map – time for changes!
  • Bug fixes and improvements – as always!

1.27.0 Patch Notes

What’s new in 1.27.0?

  • Remarks – survivors now comment on the building they are entering!
  • Laufernew creature from Sinsecta!
  • Chapter 21 – the story continues (no spoilers this time!)
  • TapResearch – new survey provider for better coverage
  • Bug fixes and improvements – as always!

Also, Merry Christmas and happy playing!

1.24.0 Patch Notes

What’s new in 1.24.0?

  • Hogrorrt – A new creature has arrived from Leiosa!
  • 3 new Story chapters – Time to continue your journey!
  • New Daily deals – Buy Weapons in the shop using SIM-cards or batteries!
  • Tablet Support – Various UI adjustments for bigger screens!
  • Stronger Creatures – Time to break your personal record!
  • Bug fixes and improvements – as always!

What do you mean by “stronger creatures” exactly?

We have an official statement from the devs:

Dear survivors!
We’ve changed the balance for some of the aliens in the game. It is related to us preparing to add 12 new aliens, and we have to make some space for them on every difficulty level. Thanks to your purchases (Monster Voting Bundle), we’ve gathered $280 to spend on adding and working on new creatures!

What’s changing is that most monsters will get stronger, ranging from barely noticeable to even a 20% increase. Basically, the tougher an alien was before, the more powerful it becomes now so that weaker creatures can be added in its place to make the gameplay much more interesting and diversified. Additionally, a balancing move was long overdue due to weapons having a buff for a few months now (better parameters and enhancements) that made them overpowered against unbuffed creatures, especially on higher levels.

Examples of difficulty changes:
– Turtiger +3%
– Nematode +9%
– Cotoje +14%

However, there are some exceptions, like a heavy and powerful Armadon getting a 47% difficulty increase. Sounds dangerous, but thanks to that, we’ll be able to add 7 new creatures appearing before you encounter your first Armadon! We hope the changes will be to your liking and again, HUGE thanks for helping us with the development of the game’s world!