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A tall… Xenomorph?!

~Alien Franchise Fan
Planet of origin: Crocs
Forms of damage
Bite: 83
Claw: 35
Attacks per turn: 1 – 2
Initiative: 30 (Fast)
Height: 350 cm
Average weight: 3339 kg
Average health: 266
First appearance: Chapter 9

Cozamorda is the starting species for the intelligent species of Crocs, which went extinct on its home planet Crocs because of Demons. Cozamordas were an intermediate link between the primitive form and the intelligent form of the Crocs. Cozamordas survived on their home planet in water bodies, where they fed on hard organisms resembling corals or anemones. These powerful predators usually swam in a swamp-like goo, avoiding their more intelligent descendants. They evolved quite quickly after leaving their home planet via the Stream of the Worlds, adopting, for example, the vertical posture that also occurred in the dominant species on the planet Crocs. Many genetic changes took place on successive planets, and individuals significantly increased their aggression. Cozamordas on Earth are the fruit of many years of evolution on other planets. Hoppers consider terrestrial specimens to be heavily stunted compared to those from Sinsecta, where Cozamordas were often over 10 meters high! Cozamordas are very durable and strong, and their skin has a remarkable property of absorbing dyes from the food they eat. On Earth, Cozamordas tend to turn grey, but when a lot of mammals appear in their diet, they turn crimson red… Although the more intelligent Cozamordas did not survive, even this form is relatively intelligent and quickly adjusts its hunting strategy to a more effective one



Cozamorda’s weakness heatmap

Cozamorda’s weakness map represents the probability of weak points spawning on various alien body parts. The green color highlights the areas where these points generate less often, whereas, in the places marked red, they appear most frequently. Please note that in no way does it affect the damage dealt unless you attack the weak point directly. So, for example, if you target the tentacles when no weak point is present, you’ll get the same result as if you tried to attack the back.


Cozamordas are very tough creatures that are almost impossible to stun. Still, similar to their movie counterpart, they are not very fond of flamethrowers and can be scared off relatively easily.

  •  Bleed – 0% resistance
  •  Blind – 90% resistance
  •  Dizzy – 40% resistance
  •  Fear – 75% vulnerability
  •  Hatred – 50% vulnerability
  •  Ignite – 95% vulnerability
  •  Poison – 97% resistance
  •  Stun – 90% resistance

Resistances affect a weapon’s base debuff multiplier (100%). With no resistance, the chance to apply a debuff is what you see on a weapon’s card. So, for example, if your weapon has a 10% Blind enhancement, each hit with that weapon has 10% (base chance) * (100% – 0%) (base debuff multiplier) = 10% chance to apply Blind debuff. However, with Cozamorda’s 90% resistance against the debuff, that number is lowered to 10% * (100% – 90%) = 1% chance. Alternatively, a weapon with a 10% Hatred enhancement would be more effective due to Cozamordas being vulnerable to the Hatred debuff. 10% * (100% + 50%) = 15% chance to make the target hate you.


When killed, Cozamordas have a chance to drop:

An exploding, dried embryo, only a madman could think of it.

Used for crafting explosives.

Cozamorda’s Embryo

This tip of the tongue is great for producing heavy, durable arrowheads.

Tip of Cozamorda’s Tongue

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