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Change Log

Website v1.1


  • The Sidebar has been updated.
    • The old blurry logos for Google Play and App Store have been replaced.
  • Item rewards have been added to Events page.
  • FAQ Page has been updated!
    • Now you can send your questions and answers, and if they are good enough you’ll get batteries for it!
  • Credits Page has been added.
    • Now you can see the team behind the website.
  • We’ve enabled Registrations! Now you can comment on different pages and follow our blog!
  • Prepared for Wiki 2.0 (Will be released between 06.29 and 07.06)


  • Wiki 2.0 has been released
    • New Main Page design
    • New design for every Creature!
    • New pieces of information for every Creature
      • Added Weakmaps
      • Added Useful knowledge
      • Added Attacks per Round
      • Added the use of alien drops
      • Prepared for the new Lores
    • Introducing Planets!
      • We’ve added some information about all the Planets. Some of them contain basic information, while others contain a lot of things to read!
      • We will definitely work more on Planets which has less information.


  • Introducing Scripts page
    • Simple scripts to find specific buildings have been added to Building-Related Scripts page!
    • Community Made Scripts page has been added! You can ask for help about OverPass Turbo Scripts there. The best community scripts are going to be added to the page itself!
  • Updated Credits page!
    • Added Discord Tags
  • Prepared for the new Wiki page: Weapons
  • Prepared for new pieces of information on Creatures page: Lores and Debuff Resistances
  • Fixed some CSS issues
    • Quote margins on mobile have been fixed
    • Planets page’s background has been fixed

  • Known issues:
    • Missing Scripts Logo / Description on Help page
    • Missing Help page for Scripts page – it’s supposed to show new players what Overpass Turbo is and how it actually works. Will be added with 1.1.6 which will be released probably in a week.
    • Only 1 script on Community Made page


2020.09.05 (Beta!)

  • Introducing a new Wiki main page!
    • New CSS for better display.
  • Introducing Weapons page!
    • Melee weapons have been added.
    • The rest of the weapons will come out on a weekly basis.
  • Prepared for Creatures update!
    • Even more pieces of information will be added! (Coming soon!)
  • Prepared for Weekly Quiz!
    • Answer the questions right and get batteries! (Coming soon!)

2020.09.13 (Final release)

  • Released Wiki 3.0!
    • Weapons page is here!
    • Creatures page has been updated!
      • Resistances have been added.
      • New Lores have been added.
  • Updated Credits page
    • Welcome aboard, Zydel!
    • Fixed GIF issue.
  • Weekly Quiz is going to be released next week!
  • Prepared for First Steps
    • A brand new page is about to appear.
  • Users are now able to use local avatars only.
    • Easier for us to detect inappropriate pictures.
  • Performance optimization and bug fixes.







  • New Wiki update: Weapons
  • This is the beginning of V2.0!