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Blind Effect

This enhancement will render a creature as blind as a bat. The target will deal less damage which can turn into a great advantage for your team. Blind lasts up to 2 turns or until the target is dead.
Icon that shows up upon a successful hit:

Debuff values on different levels

LevelChance to applyDurationDamage Reduction
15%2 rounds50%
210%2 rounds60%
38%2 rounds75%
415%2 rounds50%
520%2 rounds50%
620%2 rounds60%
725%2 rounds55%
819%2 rounds85%
920%2 rounds90%
1030%2 rounds68%
1125%2 rounds95%
1235%2 rounds80%
1335%2 rounds90%
1437%2 rounds94%
1550%2 rounds80%
1645%2 rounds96%

Effects on Creatures

Alefuj: Default
Armadon: Default
Badbat: Default
Battlera: 100% More Effective
Cotoje: 90% Resistant
Knightmare: Default
Hopper: 50% More Effective
Hogrorrt: 20% More Effective
Demon: Immune
Crabber: Default
Lapieto: 50% Resistant
Nematode: 99% Resistant
Niepuszcza: 95% Resistant
Tanker: Default
Turtiger: Default
Viatcher: 90% Resistant
Laufer: 120% More Effective

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