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Bleed Effect

Simply, this enhancement will bleed the target upon a successful hit. The target will suffer from bleeding each turn. Bleed lasts up to 2 turns or until the target is dead. This effect will stack with other DoT debuffs, but not with itself.
Icon that shows up upon a successful hit:

Debuff values on different levels

LevelChance to applyDuration() Damage() Average Damage
13%2 rounds1-32
26%2 rounds1-63
39%2 rounds2-106
412%2 rounds2-169
515%2 rounds3-2112
618%2 rounds5-3017.5
721%2 rounds5-3520
824%2 rounds5-4022.5
927%2 rounds8-4828
1030%2 rounds8-5632
1133%2 rounds8-6436
1236%2 rounds7-7742
1339%2 rounds8-8848
1442%2 rounds8-9652
1545%2 rounds9-10858.5

Please note that due to how RNG calculations are done, you’re very unlikely to hit edge ranges and you usually deal damage very close to the average one.

Effects on Creatures

Alefuj: Default
Armadon: 40% More Effective
Badbat: 100% More Effective
Battlera: Default
Cotoje: Default
Knightmare: Default
Hopper: Default
Hogrorrt: 25% More Effective
Demon: Immune
Crabber: Default
Lapieto: Default
Nematode: Default
Niepuszcza: Default
Tanker: Default
Turtiger: 30% More Effective
Viatcher: Default
Laufer: 130% More Effective

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