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Poison Effect

The poison effect will damage the enemy over time. It can stack with other damage types, but not with itself.
Icon that shows up upon a successful hit:

Debuff values on different levels

LevelChance to applyDuration() Damage() Average Damage
120%4 rounds1-32
220%4 rounds2-64
320%4 rounds3-96
420%4 rounds4-128
520%4 rounds5-1510
620%4 rounds6-1812
720%4 rounds7-2114
820%4 rounds8-2415
920%4 rounds9-2718
1020%4 rounds10-3020
1120%4 rounds11-3322
1220%4 rounds12-3624

Effects on Creatures

Alefuj: Default
Armadon: Default
Badbat: 100% More Effective
Battlera: Default
Cotoje: Default
Knightmare: Default
Hopper: 90% Resistant
Hogrorrt: 25% More Effective
Demon: Immune
Crabber: Default
Lapieto: 50% Resistant
Nematode: Default
Niepuszcza: Default
Tanker: Default
Turtiger: 30% More Effective
Viatcher: Default
Laufer: 50% vulnerability

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