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Dizzy Effect

The Dizzy effect will make the target silly attacking both allies and enemies willy-nilly. The enemy is likely to hit random targets, including one of their own. It’s one of the debuffs that affect the targeting system. It has the lowest priority of them all:
1. Stun
2. Fear
3. Hatred
4. Dizzy
Icon that shows up upon a successful hit:

Debuff values on different levels

LevelChance to applyDuration
12%2 rounds
25%2 rounds
38%2 rounds
411%2 rounds
514%2 rounds
617%2 rounds
720%2 rounds
823%2 rounds
926%2 rounds
1029%2 rounds
1132%2 rounds
1235%2 rounds
1338%2 rounds
1431%2 rounds
1544%2 rounds

Effects on Creatures

Alefuj: Default
Armadon: Default
Badbat: Default
Battlera: Default
Cotoje: Default
Knightmare: Default
Hopper: 10% More Effective
Hogrorrt: Default
Demon: Immune
Crabber: Immune
Lapieto: Default
Nematode: Default
Niepuszcza: 100% More Effective
Tanker: Default
Turtiger: Default
Viatcher: Default
Laufer: 10% More Effective

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