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Hatred Effect

When the Hatred effect kicks in, the enemy will only target the person who applied the effect. The targeted survivor will also gain some damage resistance against that creature. The Resistance increases with each level. It’s one of the debuffs that affect the targeting system. If multiple are applied, only the one with the highest priority takes effect:
1. Stun
2. Fear
3. Hatred
4. Dizzy
Icon that shows up upon a successful hit:

Debuff values on different levels

LevelChance to applyDurationDamage Reduction
110%4 rounds5%
210%4 rounds7%
310%4 rounds9%
410%4 rounds11%
510%4 rounds13%
610%4 rounds15%
710%4 rounds17%
810%4 rounds19%
910%4 rounds21%
1010%4 rounds23%
1110%4 rounds25%

Effects on Creatures

Alefuj: Default
Armadon: 100% More Effective
Badbat: Default
Battlera: Default
Cotoje: Default
Knightmare: 20% More Effective
Hopper: Default
Hogrorrt: 40% More Effective
Demon: 90% Resistant
Crabber: Immune
Lapieto: 50% More Effective
Nematode: Default
Niepuszcza: Default
Tanker: 30% More Effective
Turtiger: Default
Viatcher: 70% More Effective
Laufer: 30% Resistant

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